May 10, 2011

Wis. S. Ct.: Huebsch v. Cir. Ct. for Dane Co.

Not sure how I missed this:
05/04/11 — ORDERED that the respondent, Circuit Court for Dane County [a.k.a. Judge Maryann Sumi], et al, shall each file a response to the petition for supervisory writ and for immediate temporary relief, with a supplementary memorandum, on the issue of whether this court should accept jurisdiction over the writ and on the merits of the substantive issues[*] raised in the writ, on or before 5/18/2011.
Then oral argument on June 6. Looks like Charlie Sykes & Friends' Kloppenburg/union thugz conspiracy theory was/is real valid huh.

So the Supreme Court hasn't taken jurisdiction of the case yet, but it wants to hear why it should. Noteworthy too because both Justices Prosser and Gableman held last August that the Supreme Court could issue injunctions against parties to a case even before the court had decided to take jurisdiction of the case, but the Supreme Court is not exercising that recently discovered constitutional authority in the present instance. Something told me that that August opinion was kind of an important thing that nobody else seems to have noticed.

Quite the development though. Was this in the paper?**

* a.k.a. Fitz Van Walker's big dilemmas.

** Evidently it was. The hell wasn't this above the fold? Yr hmbl corresp. apologizes for leaving wscca.wicourts alone for a few days.

This is a huge case in constitutional law.

eta: Judge Sumi is in more than capable hands.


gnarlytrombone said...

hasn't taken jurisdiction yet, it wants to hear why it should

That's why I thought you were keeping your powder dry. It was on the news sites, but didn't get much play.

illusory tenant said...

Asleep at the switch over here!

Attorney08 said...

Attorneys Marie Stanton and Dean Strang of Hurley, Burish and Stanton filed on May 5 a notice of appearance on behalf of Judge Sumi.

illusory tenant said...