May 5, 2011

Sykes: World's biggest bawl of whine & cheese

Check out this grown man crying like a baby (don't worry, it's only about a minute long). Pure conspiracy nonsense as well. I know five-year-olds who comport themselves with greater decorum.

And people actually listen to this for hours on end?* Truly amazing.

* I mean, non-ironically.


Anonymous said...

slightly less amazing is that he calls a show that starts at 8:35a.m. "midday," or has an introduction that says he broadcasts from "deep undercover."

[Redacted] said...

Look, I just assume Charlie is deliberately ironic all the time. How else could someone who rather famously got split from a woman who is now a federal appellate judge due to his infidelity talk with a straight face about "family values?"

illusory tenant said...

What gets me is the logic: Recounting votes takes time, therefore the recount was requested for the sole purpose of taking up time.