May 6, 2011

The game is seven card stud, with Scott Walker

Deal me the hell in:
WI Gov. Scott Walker rescinds layoff notices for assistant DAs

Nice try, Bluffy McBlufferson. And this get-it-out-on-Friday-afternoon crap doesn't cut it anymore.* Everyone's paying attention all the time.

Of course Walker's "communications directors" never were much use.

* But see:
not many pro-Walker [reader comments] on the article — I guess that's what happens when an article goes online late Friday afternoon and all of Walker's political appointees have left their cushy public sector jobs for the weekend.
mustudent10 (and a smart one).


Free Lunch said...

Shouldn't Cullen Werwie have left the state when Reince Priebus did?

Nice to see Werwie try to spin Walker's fold. Sorry, Cullen, your boss lost. You work for a very stupid man. Why did you decide to work for him?

illusory tenant said...

Gummint health care?