May 2, 2011

$27K "carried ... feet first" out of public coffers

Get a load of this:
[Republican-for-hire attorney James] Troupis was paid $375 an hour, and other attorneys with his firm were paid[*] either $290 or $295 an hour. The total bill came to $26,955.
That was a real bargain wasn't it.

Even Scott Fitzgerald called James Troupis's legal advice "comical."

"We're broke." — WI Gov. Scott Walker

* Billed out as, more accurately. I wonder what the difference is between a $290 an hour attorney and a $295 an hour attorney.

Maybe $295 gets you the Hamline-tutored lawyer.


gnarlytrombone said...

Just wait 'til!... shrubbery bill comes due.

illusory tenant said...

Why weren't those protesters on Hovercrafts.