May 19, 2011

Kloppenburg Supreme Court decount ends today

It says here:
The Government Accountability Board's Kevin Kennedy says a court challenge of the final results is possible. "The grounds for changing the outcome based on a legal challenge are very slim."
Now that's the understatement of the year. Because the grounds for changing the outcome based on the decount were already very slim. I hear Republicans are waiting to hire Kloppenburg's campaign manager.

She's done such a good job at making the left look like fools.


Anonymous said...

She appears to have reassured everyone of the vote.

Anonymous said...

"Reassured of the vote"?

There have been so many "anomalies" found, so many open bags, so many loose ballots, so many mis-matched numbers, that "reassured' is not how this voter is feeling.

We deserve clean elections. Maybe this recount will help achieve that goal.

illusory tenant said...

But that's not the reason you get to request a recount, to "ensure the integrity of the voting process," as Kloppenburg's campaign manager has said repeatedly. You get to request a recount because you have good reasons to believe you won. And remember when they asked her if she thought she won, she was speechless for 14 seconds (an eternity, under the circumstances). But the thing of it is, she did win. It was a huge deal to have come so close to debenching Prosser, and the big strides she made between February and April, especially in conservative counties, were remarkable. But this has not been a positive exercise for anyone. And frankly it's been too stressful on Brad Blog.