May 26, 2011

Calling Waukesha County: What say you?

"I am disappointed in Judge Sumi's ruling that declared 2011 Act 10 void," said Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas.
What, and he's not disappointed Republicans in both the Assembly and the Senate both violated the Wisconsin constitution and broke the law? There's another guy who, as Supreme Court Justice David Prosser would and did put it, "has got a little too much Waukesha County in him."

But easily the best part of the attached document is this notification: "Contact: Ellen Nowak, County Executive’s Office, (262) 548-7902."

You remember Ellen Nowak, she's the former Assembly counsel who grotesquely misrepresented the law in service of defaming Judge Sumi.

Have they no shame? Evidently they'd like you to ring up and ask.


Other Side said...

Ah ha, Republicans have invented perpetual recirculation.

Brett said...

His later critique exemplifies sound rebublican "judicial conservative" values: if it hurts us, it's a bad decision.