May 20, 2011

When with the Capital insanity end!!!!!11uno

Republican Rep. Michelle Litjens has had QUITE enough, TYVM

This guy in the Capital ... its almost to much!

And: Litjens felt politically abused by tale of actual abuse.*

Since when did Wisconsin start electing barely literate legislators?

This is one of the nitwits gutting public education.

* @WITreasSchuller loved that one!


Mike said...

I had a chat with Mike Ellis's office yesterday asking if it was actually their intent to polarize the state. Mike Ellis, formerly known as a pro-labor Republican and elected on our backs, with the help of our activists and votes. Said I: "You think this is going away, don't you?" The gent paused for a second, sighed, and said no, I suppose not.

illusory tenant said...

Good to hear, thanks.