May 8, 2011

Kloppenburg decount updates

With 60 of Wisconsin's 72 counties complete and reported, Supreme Court challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg has picked up a net 258 votes: 443 compared to incumbent Justice David Prosser's 185-ballot gain.

Prosser clings to his 7,000-plus vote lead. Decounting in eleven of the remaining 12 counties is reportedly complete but not yet stamped with the State Government Accountability Board's seal of approval.

Waukesha County, where slapdash methods of tabulating inspired the Statewide decount in the first place, has a ways to go, and has requested a two-week extension to tomorrow's 5 p.m. deadline.

Most accurate county: Vernon, with zero net change among 7,909 Supreme Court ballots cast. Least accurate county: Waupaca, with 92 votes net change among 12,233 Supreme Court ballots cast.

Dear Lord, make it end, before Brad Blog is abducted by space aliens.

They're only incompetent* in WaukCo. They're not criminals.

* Allegedly.


gnarlytrombone said...

They're only incompetent in WaukCo.

I'd characterize it as malevolent incompetence.

illusory tenant said...

That better not be a badger.