May 23, 2011

Big Fitz spox: "I am not going to answer that."

Blogger Jeff Simpson, rappin' with Big Fitz spox Andrew Welhouse

You remember Andrew "We followed the law perfectly" Welhouse.

"Good luck with that, buddy."

Incidentally, you want to know what version we here, in Journal Communications, Inc.'s corpo-saturated reading/listening/viewing area got of Steven Elbow's Capital Times report? A column by a Wisconsin Policy Research Institute "senior fellow" about two zany brohams in a tent who had apparently smoked a joint somewhere inside the Capitol. No mention of either the State Senate majority leader's abusive shouting or the "deeply besotted" Republican legislative aide's attempted B&E.

I shite you not. And that "senior fellow" is a regular MJS columnist.

Our librul media, dontcha know.

Also: Meet another notorious Walker regime communications director.

One who is evidently to this very day still lying.

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