May 7, 2011

Switching course, Kloppenburg demands a decount

This is from a couple of days ago (it's been painful to watch):
Hotz objected to the counting of those ballots* . . . Mulliken said Kloppenburg remains confident in her decision to request the recount in order to make sure all votes are counted . . .
"Recount" being a bit of a situational misnomer, apparently. Either that or enter "remand a decount" into the anthology of Spoonerisms.

* Bags and bags of 'em from, where else, Waukesha County. With 71 of Wisconsin's 72 counties expected to be complete by Monday's deadline, Justice Prosser is clinging to his 7000-plus vote lead (which just happens to reside in those particular bags and bags of ballots).

WaukCo's next goat rodeo is in July and will feature Ted Nugent.

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