May 11, 2011

Wisconsin: Public service announcement

This afternoon at five o'clock, CST:
The New Organizing Institute is proud to present: "Organizing the Occupation of the Capitol: The Role of Social Media," a panel discussion of the social media organizing strategies utilized in the Wisconsin Budget protests.

On Thursday, May 12th at 5pm, Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson along with several key social media organizers will share their firsthand accounts of the #WIunion movement.

Your panelists:
Chris Larson
Melissa Ryan
Emily Mills
Chris Liebenthal
Maxwell Love
Where: UW Madison Union South is located at 1308 Dayton Street.

Union South ... in the "Industry Room." See, they can get along.

Or else: Link here to the live stream of this great event.

Your humble narrator is thereby retained to keep 'em all in line.

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Pete Gruett said...

#WIunion at the Wisconsin Union. Cute indeed.