May 3, 2011

Justice Prosser back doing what he loves

"The judge is back at work doing what he loves to do," Brian 'Too much Waukesha County in him' Nemoir said of Prosser.
But still not loving to accept Wis. Admin. Sec. Mike Huebsch's veiled request to declare the State's Open Meetings Law unconstitutional.

Meanwhile Republican State Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald is dreaming in technicolor:
Andrew Welhouse, a spokesman for Fitzgerald, said Thursday that the "preferred avenue" for implementing the collective bargaining bill is still the State courts.
Fat chance.
The lawmakers gave less than two hours notice before commencing the 6 p.m. hearing.
I think that's the first time I've seen that reported as fact.

Kudos, Jessica Van Egeren.


Anonymous said...

It would seem that quibiling over a minute or two would enflame the 60% that didnt vote.

Free Lunch said...

The rest of the article went on to say that it violated the 24-hour notice provision.