May 14, 2011

What did Herb Kohl ever do to Patrick McIlheran?

Probably nothing. [eta: See below*]
You've stooped to new levels, dude. Taking shots at the guy walking out the door ... I expect this from McIlheran, but I'm surprised by the J-S edit board for allowing this to happen.
I'm not. Funny, the premise to Patrick McIlheran's cheap and bitter sarcasm is his assumption that Sen. Kohl did nothing, period. Which is why Herb Kohl couldn't have done anything to Patrick McIlheran.

According to Patrick McIlheran's own reasoning (such as it is).

Even F. James Sensenbrenner, Scott Walker, and Ron Johnson honored Sen. Kohl for his long service to the State of Wisconsin.

You know you're hurting bad when you've got less class than them.

* Aaand, this comment was deleted by the MJS by Sunday morning. There was nothing particularly offensive about it, except it began, "Just when I thought McIlheran couldn't possibly be a bigger dick ... "

Why don't the editors delete Patrick McIlheran's posts, if they're that concerned about causing offense? After all, McIlheran is the dick.


Michael J. Mathias said...

Wasn't Ron Johnson's whole campaign premised on the supposition that government should do nothing? And that magical things would happen as a result? Just get government out of the way and soon everyone's riding their own unicorn?

illusory tenant said...

RoJo's new BFF Tom Coburn is in a spot of hot water.

Other Side said...

Like his offhand comment about a beige map. Wonder what that's about, eh?

Paddy is a strange, little man.

illusory tenant said...

I guess Herb Kohl bores poor Patrick.

Forward Our Motto said...

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is a liberal paper I've heard...