May 23, 2011

Votes and injunctions all smell the same, however

Headlines We'd Like To See:
July 13, 2011 — Wisconsin to Scott Fitzgerald: 'Smell Ya Later'

Here's your famous majority Republican leader in the State Senate telling the people of Wisconsin — his constituents — that they physically stink:
Fitzgerald joked about the protests that engulfed the Capitol earlier this year, saying the [WISGOP] convention was the first time he had been around so many people who weren't chanting and yelling at him. And he says, "You all smell a lot better too."
Classy as ever and brilliant politics as usual.

Wisconsinites could return the favor July 12, and relegate Sen. Scott "We followed the law perfectly" Fitzgerald to well-deserved obscurity by ousting three other WISGOP State Senators in scheduled recall elections.

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