May 6, 2011

Fox News Network's token fired-by-NPR guy

At last night's Republican presidential candidate debate on Fox News, ex-NPR personality Juan Williams asked the array of hopefuls a Wisconsin-related question, which presumed that Gov. Scott Walker had stripped State employees of their collective bargaining rights.

Except no, Scott Walker hasn't. He's trying to, but his Department of Justice lawyers have all but forfeited the case, and a Dane County circuit judge imposed an injunction barring implementation of the governor's so-called "budget repair" bill. While one expects non-factual answers from Republican candidates, one doesn't expect non-factual questions from journalists. Unless it's Fox News.

And Juan Williams. Next time get a real reporter, like Steve Doocy.


[Redacted] said...

Next time get a real reporter, like Steve Doocy.


Juan Williams has got to be setting a record for most successful effort at making a career out of self-pity and no substance.

"Those meanies at NPR fired me for saying really stupid things! Uncle Roger, can you give me airtime to whine about how they're racists?"

Anonymous said...

Is it possible that he believes that it will become law one way or another? Gov Walker continues to say it will.

illusory tenant said...

If so, they are here.