May 29, 2011

Kim Simac: Help yourself to an abortion

It's your responsibility, and don't let anybody stop you:
I support the rights that are guaranteed by the US Constitution, and believe it is our responsibility as good citizens to exercise those rights, and to refrain from infringing on the rights of others. — Neanderconservative recall candidate Kim Simac
You have to watch this.* Did you know that once Elena Kagan is confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court, you won't be allowed to even talk about your religious freedoms and beliefs. Simac wrote a book for ages 7 and under on "owning and operating firearms." The book, With My Rifle by My Side, sells for $18.95 and appears to contain about 7 or under pages. She sat down for an interview with Dorothy Spaulding.
Dorothy Spaulding: [This book for 3-year-olds is] just such an easy read: "And the days all get shorter, the leaves turn brown." And I bet they're going to go deer hunting. Eh heh. "We watched the geese fly above and travel to warmer ground. We love to go out with our dad in the truck. He loads up corn and apples and does it in the bucks." [puzzled] "And does it in the bucks ... "

Kim Simac: The does and the bucks.

Dorothy Spaulding: Oh!
More Kim Simac traditional family values.

* Or not. It's drearily familiar far-right fruitcakery.

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