May 20, 2011

Statement of Melissa Mulliken

Statement of Melissa Mulliken, Kloppenburg for Justice Campaign Manager on Supreme Court Recount

Melissa Mulliken, Campaign Manager for JoAnne Kloppenburg, today issued a statement on the conclusion of the recount process in Waukesha County:

Clerks around Wisconsin have done hard and good work on this recount and all Wisconsin residents owe them thanks. We also thank the hundreds of volunteers across the state who have served as observers. The recount has uncovered numerous anomalies and irregularities. Vote tallies have changed in every county. Now, as the process calls for, we will review the record and we will determine, based on the facts, the evidence and the law, whether to request judicial review.
Lord help us. Poor old Brad Blog's going to have an aneurysm.

h/t A little birdie.*

* Melissa Mulliken wouldn't add me to the Kloppenburg campaign email list despite two requests, the first on February 28, the other in late March. Meanwhile I find myself on email lists of politicians who I've never even heard of, let alone not put in any direct requests to.

Isn't that how politicians usually operate? I would have thought so.

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