May 25, 2011

Occupation Wisconsin: This was a lot of fun

#WIUnion panel, UW Madison Union South 11.12.11
I'm trying to remember the joke Sen. Larson told me at 40:25.

0:12:50 — Sen. Chris Larson
0:22:05 — Melissa Ryan
0:33:35 — Emily Mills
0:45:15 — Chris Liebenthal
0:55:25 — Max Love
0:32:35 — Obligatory Glenn Grothman joke
1:08:50 — WTMJ's Hip Musings, a dramatic recitation


Jay Bullock said...

I tried watching this, but the absence of Greg Sargent made it unbearable.

Melissa Ryan said...

Thanks for posting the times! I'm going to keep this post on file as a reference.