May 16, 2011

Wing-nut law prof handicaps Kloppenburg

Jurisprudence alert
I now place the odds of [S. Ct. candidate JoAnne Kloppenburg] conceding without court action at less than 50/50.
Says William Jacobson. When last we encountered Prof. Jacobson, he was claiming Wisconsin Sec. of State Doug La Follette was "likely wrong" when the latter said 2011 Wisconsin Act 10 was not law (La Follette was entirely correct) and claiming the fellow in Buffalo, NY who rang up Scott Walker impersonating Tea Partying billionaire David Koch was guilty of a Wisconsin felony. Impressive track record.

Of course Jacobson doesn't bother contemplating what grounds Kloppenburg might have for a lawsuit.* That Kloppenburg will seek, through the courts, to "have the entire election thrown out" is the latest conservative Republican wet dream, popularized obviously by Journal Communications, Inc.'s marquee radio and teevee personality Charlie Sykes and his various ill-informed disciples for weeks now and most recently by our own local law-prof-to-the-wing-nuts Rick Esenberg. In former times I might have been surprised to see the latter embracing the speculative cacophony, but not any more.

Cut from the same cloth, the lot of 'em.

* The substance of his comment is to make fun of her name, which is apparently what passes for conservative legal scholarship these days.

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