May 23, 2011

Election so nice they made Prosser win twice

Item: Wisconsin Supreme Court decount certified
Finally, that stupid charade of a Supreme Court recount is over. So tired of getting updates from Kloppenburg campaign.
Haha. At least I didn't have the latter problem.

But where was Jack Craver (or anybody) five weeks ago?

I've been mighty lonely.

This is funny too. An online "troll" is someone who pretends to sympathize with positions they actually oppose:
@wiunion You know what we all need to do? Contact Kloppenburg to demand a lawsuit. Please rally around this folks. We win! Solidarity.
That's a pretty good troll (although you can sense the halfheartedness).

Decount timeline:
April 8: Anomaly, question
Early April: Prosser, Scott Walker in secret midnight Capitol meeting
Late April: Widespread anomalies and questions about election conduct
Early May: Anomalies and questions about election conduct
Mid May: Anomaly, question (See April 8)
May 23: kthxbai


There is one bright spot, however, in that the GAB has collated and archived an enormous amount of data for the scrutiny of Journal Communications, Inc.'s two political science professors and one lawyer.


Kevin said...

That guy's actual Twitter handle is "I Owe My Soul?" Wow, I don't care what your politics are, that just funny.

illusory tenant said...

Oh hey speaking of trolls.

Zach W. said...

Kinda funny that you post about trolls and Kevin shows up.

illusory tenant said...

I'm an old hand at setting the bait.