May 20, 2011

Walker: Voting same as smoking methamphetamine

Where else but in Scott Walker's Wisconsin would you hear this:
"If you need an ID to buy cold medicine, [then] it's reasonable to require it to vote," said the Republican governor of Wisconsin.
Apparently (I had to ask my tweeps) Scott Walker is talking about pseudoephedrine, a decongestant that is used in the illicit production of methamphetamine. Walker is actually comparing purchasing it to the constitutional right to vote. He's saying because the federal and State controlled substances statutes require photo ID to purchase controlled substances, then, thus, therefore, ergo, the state may require you to present photo ID in order to exercise your constitutional right — your First Amendment right, according to the right-wing Justice Patience Roggensack — to vote. Does anybody really buy Walker's illogical and nonsensical analogies? If so, do they need to present a photo ID?

And can Scott Walker go one day without insulting our intelligence?

Oh, and get this, look who's being investigated for "vote fraud," an aide to a conservative Republican legislator in the Wisconsin Assembly.

What a clown show.


gnarlytrombone said...

Voting same as smoking methamphetamine

As is governing.

Display Name said...

The Legislative Fiscal Bureau tells them about 20 percent of Wisconsin residents do not have the type of identification required under the bill, and they don't blink an eye.

illusory tenant said...

Yes. It's incredible.

Ron R said...

He used that example so that liberal bloggers could understand him as most liberal blog posts appear to be written by someone who's be smoking methamphetamines.

illusory tenant said...

How would you know when someone's been smoking methamphetamines, Ron R? Is that like gaydar?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of whiny ass bitches. Get a fucking ID,apply for the free ID if you're broke!

Fraud exists. Taking steps to prevent it from growing larger is prudent. It would only take 1 instance of wide-spread fraud to make us regret not having better safe guards in place.

Fucking democrats and their whiny ass, emotion laden, the boogie man is gonna get you bullshit! I'm sick and tired of being called extreme because we tell it like it is. If your intelligence is insulted by such statements, maybe it is indeed because you're a fucking moron!

illusory tenant said...

It's the fallacious arguments that are insulting, and in fact Walker's is more insulting than 'fucking whiny ass Democratic bitches' or whatever, which wouldn't trouble me one bit. The steps that are being taken have the effect of making it more difficult to vote, that is the issue.

swamper88 said...


What a poor excuse for a human you seem to be. But we take all kinds, but shouldn't allow the likes of you to breed.

If you cann't say something constructive, and in a respectful manner, just keep your yap shut.

As some wise man said" Remain silent and be thought a fool. Open your mouth and remove all doubt". You have left no one doubting..