May 25, 2011

Couple acquitted of widespread voter fraud

This story is totally buried at JSOnline dot Inc.*

Yet the Republicans insist "voter fraud" is "widespread."
"Talk radio hosts are the purveyors of misinformation," said Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Rick Sankovitz.
Haha. Very last line of the story. Apparently the couple acted on some claptrap the usual suspects — a.k.a. JRN superstars — were peddling.

And speaking of JRN: Recall the Journal Sentinel

Journal Communications CEO paid $2 million in 2010

That would be the one the paper's editorials don't mention is also on the board of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce when the editorials complain about the Milwaukee sick leave ordinance, despite the fact it was the MMAC that filed suit against the sick leave ordinance.

* I love the subheadline: "Intentions considered in rendering verdict." Which is to be expected, as the couple was accused of violating Wis. Stat. § 12.13(1)(e), "intentionally ... vot[ing] more than once in the same election." So it would be an important thing to consider.

Because it's not against the law to vote twice, just not intentionally.

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