May 17, 2011

MJS edit board not entitled to own facts

Sez JoAnne Kloppenburg:
The recount has uncovered significant and widespread errors and anomalies in the securing of ballots and recording of votes on election day. There have been changes to vote totals in every county due to miscounted or missing votes.
But neither is JoAnne Kloppenburg entitled to her own facts, and the latter claim is untrue. The recount did not change the vote totals in several Wisconsin counties. Moreover in many, many other Wisconsin counties, the changes in vote totals were so negligible, or exactly what you'd expect in any Statewide recount,* that they are hardly evidence of any "significant and widespread errors and anomalies."

Just a thought, but if you're going to take the MJS to task for drinking the wing-nut Kool-Aid — and there are a number of legitimate reasons for doing so — it's probably best not to accuse the paper of inventing its own facts whilst inventing facts of one's own.

Now please make it stop. Dissipation of sympathy is near complete.

* And they'd change negligibly again if they were counted again. Perhaps the MJS could call up the one or two professors of political science it keeps in its Rolodex to confirm the foregoing observation, which is already more than well confirmed in the academic literature.

Thanks kloppy-choppy, for identifying yourself as the most pathetic and worthless person in the state. And, that is saying a lot when you consider the last few months, you are perhaps the most despicable and rotten human being in the western hemisphere. To think that your worthless backside could be on the bench is enough to scare the beegesus out of most civil minded wisconsinites. Thanks again, for being such a incredible whack-job.
This is acceptable reader commentary** at the MJS, but don't dare call the newspaper's dissembling calumnist Patrick McIlheran a "dick."

** Complete with 29 "thumbs up" as of this writing.


Jim said...

All I know is what I read in the papers, so I know WI has three professors of political science; Charles Franklin, Joe Heim and Mordecai Lee.

illusory tenant said...

"'They've both been a little imprudent here,' Heim said of the candidates." He sounds like the sharpest of the bunch.

gnarlytrombone said...

Don't forget Po... er, the McPerfesser.

illusory tenant said...

He's more of a Joy Cardin guest, isn't he?

gnarlytrombone said...

He's amazingly even-keeled on the radio, if you don't actually listen to what he's saying.

Other Side said...

Gnarly ... that made me laugh.