May 16, 2011

How about a pink slip for Ron Johnson

Recent con law scholarship corner
Ron Johnson opposes their nominations and has not returned "blue slips" on either to the [Senate Judiciary] committee.[*]
You remember Ron Johnson, he's the woefully unqualified Oshkosh millionaire** who read the U.S. Constitution three times in his entire life, and found it difficult to understand. Now he's pronouncing on the qualifications of the president's nominees to the federal judiciary.

I'd like to see a committee of lawyers grill Ron Johnson on his qualifications to assess those qualifications. Even one lawyer.

Frightening, comical (your humble correspondent tends strongly toward the latter, for the sake of his personal sanity), or both.
"We know what needs to be done to try to get out of a deep hole. First you have to start digging." — Ron Johnson
Of course there are no "blue slips" in the Constitution but evidently Ron Johnson has taken it upon himself to avail himself of these "blue slips." I guess that means Ron Johnson reckons there's a right to privacy and a right to have an abortion in the Constitution as well.

Hell, there may even be an individual insurance mandate in there.

* Which members of the president's political party controls.

** With much thanks to federal, State, and local government.

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