May 4, 2011

MJS buries the lead

Headline: GOP wins 2 of 3 Assembly elections. Further down: "Democrats [won] a seat held by Republicans for 16 years." And the latter seat belonged to Mike Huebsch, who is these days trying to have Wisconsin's Open Meetings Law declared unconstitutional and whose own flagrant actions in barring the public from the State Capitol were themselves found unconstitutional by a circuit court.

Kind of important points, and which go unmentioned. But then, the MJS editorial board did endorse Scott K. Walker for governor.

Your librul media (a.k.a. Journal Communications, Inc., home of Patrick McIlheran, Charlie Sykes, Michael Savage, and Cal Thomas).

The MJS has a new comments policy in place, incidentally, which requires logging in via Facebook. This may discourage the racist, right-wing trolls from commenting at the MJS — which is the MJS's goal — but will likely encourage them to chase other users over to Facebook to learn their personal information. It's how they roll.


Display Name said...

Because you can't have a fake Facebook account?

Anonymous said...

It's not true that you have to log in via Facebook. I just commented without doing so using my existing MJS login.

illusory tenant said...

Selected stories, I believe they said.