May 23, 2011

Scott Walker loses UW history professor to

Freakin Texas:
After 10 years of teaching at UW-Madison, history professor Jeremi Suri announced Friday that he will leave the university due to pay cuts faculty will face as a result of Gov. Scott Walker's proposed budget repair bill. "I love this place and am very sad about leaving, but it's been a really hard year here," Suri told The Capital Times. "I think with the political attacks on the university and the budget cutting, it's hard. And that's not the fault of the university, but it's the environment that we're operating in."
He's going to Texas, where the history books are written by David Barton. He's leaving Wisconsin. For Texas. Thanks to Scott Walker.

(Yet fear not, Althouse is staying.)


Jason Haas said...

For nearly double the pay, too. Dang, that's any history major's dream... aside from the Texas bit, anyway.

Clutch said...

It's Texas, but it's Austin. Arguably, Professor Suri is not greatly losing out with respect to living environment, all things considered.

Mike said...

Alabama is complaining bitterly about being called the Wisconsin of the South.

Ron R said...

It is a history major's dream just to get a job.