May 17, 2011

Walker budget will kill women by cervical cancer

That's what it says right here:
The medical director of the Wisconsin State Laboratory of Hygiene says women will likely die of cervical cancer if Gov. Scott Walker's budget proposal eliminating $266,400 for cervical cancer screening prevails.

"Sometime after 2015, we will have women dying of cervical cancer as a predictable consequence of the funding reduction for testing in this budget," said Dr. Daniel Kurtycz.
Right here.

Who's running Walker's PR department, Graeme Zielinski?


Anonymous said...

Cervical cancer often comes from STDs

So you see Walker is just being the Hand of God striking these women down for their lack of chastity

Gay men who do naughties should die of AIDs.
Women who have sex before marriage should die of Cervical cancer.

This is justice, it is how God does things. And Scott Walker answers to God, not the people of Wisconsin.

[Redacted] said...

The sad thing, Annie, is that I suspect Scott Walker would agree with that.

Sort of like the idiots who say that global warming can't be stopped because it is God, not homo sapiens who are ruining the environment, and we'd better not meddle with Sky Daddy's work.

Shorter version: I despair for the species.

Ordinary Jill said...

What about the women who get HPV from their husbands? Do they deserve to die of cervical cancer?

jimspice said...

Has anybody seen any GOP response? I mean this should be a no-brainer. The line that caught my eye was something like the cost of treating one case of of undetected cancer would be more than the cost of the entire early detection program. I thought the other side was supposed to be good with numbers.

illusory tenant said...

They probably already wrote the 266K back in and hope nobody ever mentions this again.