May 25, 2011

Wisconsin apologizes to you today

This lament comes from Steven P. Senski (@spsenski on Twitter):
To high school seniors & college students excited to come of age and cast your first ballots, #Wisconsin apologizes to you today. #VoterID

To the disabled, casting ballots against physical odds that would daunt the strongest of us, #Wisconsin apologizes to you today. #VoterID

To the homeless, who vote as a matter of personal dignity when dignity is all you have left, #Wisconsin apologizes to you today. #VoterID

To seniors, having given your lives to the heritage of our state, voting in impressive numbers, #Wisconsin apologizes to you today. #VoterID

To our newcomers, moving to this state to find a life better than the one you left behind, #Wisconsin apologizes to you today. #VoterID

To the poor, who weigh every financial decision against the balance of home, food and medicine, #Wisconsin apologizes to you today. #VoterID

To minorities, who struggle against marginalization to be heard and represented in government, #Wisconsin apologizes to you today. #VoterID

To all who believe you should be able to enter a polling place without suspicion or apprehension, #Wisconsin apologizes to you. #VoterID

To all who remember when this state was renowned for granting rights instead of erasing them, #Wisconsin apologizes to you today. #VoterID

I apologize to you on behalf of our state. Scott Walker & Co. are not #Wisconsin. They never will be. And their time grows short. #VoterID

We will right this wrong. It will not be allowed to stand. Because THAT is the #Wisconsin way. #VoterID
Today Scott Walker signed a bill restricting access to the voting franchise — a First Amendment right, according to the most conservative justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court — in America, the world's greatest democracy. Walker held what was described as a "ceremony" to do this.

Sort of a funeral.

He and his fellow Republicans in Madison are apparently quite proud of this achievement, which they claim is designed to remedy "widespread voter fraud" throughout Wisconsin, of which there is zero evidence.

In fact it's designed to limit political participation. In America.

And indeed the recently completed Wisconsin Supreme Court election recount proved there is no voter fraud at all, let alone "widespread." Perhaps that is the real reason why Republicans opposed the recount.


B_Girl3 said...

Wonderfully put.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Thank you for your eloquent statement. I wish I knew who you are!

CJ said...

The closest we've come to voter fraud problems in WI is the Waukesha clerk with the computer problem......

Mike said...

Didn't notice this the first time around. Bravo to spenski.