April 27, 2011

Prof. Rick's quote of the day: "Ethos"

Amazing Feets [work]
Shark jumps Bronze Fonz while Bronze Fonz jumping shark

"[T]he left has taken one more step from the rule of law, civility and an ethos of mutual respect." — the professor of the law who called Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi, Dane County District Attorney Ismail Ozanne, et al, "schoolchildren" and "gradeschoolers."

Well played, sir, well played.

Prof. Rick is another fine product of Journal Communications, Inc.
Oh, look, and Fox News. Surprise!

N.B. The above Fox News column is a blinding glimpse of the bleedin' obvious, so it's not a surprise that Fox News readers would require it.


gnarlytrombone said...

From Rick @ Fox: "The error came to light during the next day’s canvas"

That's not true. Nickolaus knew about it before the canvass started and didn't tell the canvassing board or the Brookfield clerk. It was that kind of skeeviness that turned the vanilla shake into a fruity delight.

illusory tenant said...

the next day’s canvas

I thought that part was about putting his Chuck Taylor All Stars on.

gnarlytrombone said...

Rick really needs John Fundie to keep his BS straight. It's kinda like Robin freelancing without Batman.

illusory tenant said...

Wonder if Kearney is offering notarized "pre-Esenberg" stamps for MULS diplomas.

illusory tenant said...

Also, "Brookfield Patch, who ..."