April 28, 2011

MJS edit board calls Patrick McIlheran "silly"

"Will the silliness end?" pleads the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, calling Donald Trump "pathetic" and "birther-in-chief." "The birthers will never accept Obama's legitimacy," say the board, and they're probably right. Meanwhile the J-S's unintentionally comic wing-nut calumnist Patrick McIlheran allowed Tuesday that he "f[e]ll in the 'probably' camp" where it came to Obama's U.S. natal provenance.

And in any event he was "exhausted" by all the talk of Obama's birthplace (it's Hawaii, have you heard). There, there, get your blankie and have a nice lie-down. Let's warm you up some milk.

Oh, but not too exhausted, apparently:*
Suppose, just for the sake of argument, that we come to learn that Obama really was born outside the United States. Suppose he were born in Kenya ...
Followed by some other typically phantasized nonsense.

Then of course the next day Obama finally decided he'd had enough and Patrick McIlheran just went about busying himself along his merry wing-nut way. He must have a pretty strong union steward.

* McIlheran's I'm-not-saying-Sonia-Sotomayor's-a-racist-but move.

eta: McIlheran flogged some more with another Bisphenol A editorial.

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gnarlytrombone said...

Pwned, part XXXVI.

Here's hoping a local web wrangler figures out how to make lampoon URLs.