April 9, 2011

Got to admit, it's a fair cop

Department of Heavy Lifting
Was O. Ricardo Pimentel yelling "recount"
when he thought Klop won by 230 votes?
[C]ertain folks were quick to fall back on their bugaboo of voter fraud ...
It's okay, you're allowed to say Charlie Sykes and John Fund.

Edited to add:
It is way beyond time for your resignation, O. Ricardo Pimentel. The number of factually incorrect statements in your writing over just the past month would make any moral being resign. . . . To insinuate that anything wrong occurred here other than a mistake in tabulation of the unofficial numbers given to the Associated Press rises to the standard of libel even for a public figure. Libel of anyone should be grounds for your firing if your resignation is not forthcoming.

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