April 6, 2011

Punks, thugs, hippies beat WMC at own game

This was around midnight.

So don't you dare tell me Reuters or anybody called it before I did.

eta: By the way, just for fun, a comically desperate Charlie Sykes:
Waiting on Eau Claire County ... Mostly rural areas where Gableman got 60+
Maybe in 2008 but somebody forgot to tell poor Charlie Eau Claire County went nearly 60% for the liberal candidates in February, 2011.

Which is right where it stayed tonight. It's how we forecast.

+ psst, Charlie, the CJ romped to 61% in Eau Claire County in 2009.
(I thought Sykes was supposed to be some kind of political genius?)

Aaand he's keepin' it classy too.

Charlie Sykes: Another fine product of Journal Communications, Inc.


Clutch said...

Dunno, man:


Jesse said...

What about the slobs? We never get any respect.

Pyrrho said...

I think he meant rural parts of Eau Claire county, which are more conservative than the city of Eau Claire. That explains why Kloppenberg's vore in the county dropped from 60% to 58% when the rest of the county came in. All those and most of the remaining MKE wards and still too close to call.

gnarlytrombone said...

I think he meant rural parts of Eau Claire county

Instant nomination for sainthood for extreme generosity

illusory tenant said...

lol really.

illusory tenant said...

Dunno, man ...

Me neither, for sure, but by my reckoning what's uncounted is a good majority Kloppenburg, so I'm stickin' with my projection.