April 12, 2011

Scott Walker constitutional violations continue

No ... ex post facto Résumé shall be passed.
— Article I, Section 9
This is just unbelievable:
Walker said Tuesday [with a straight face, apparently] that he'd ordered that a son of a prominent supporter be demoted because there were "more qualified" candidates available.
Our Hero! A wise and principled Leader, yes? Decisive.

The son, age 27, who didn't even have a college degree, was promoted to an $81.5K per annum position* in the Scott Walker administration over other far more experienced applicants with a Ph.D. and an iron ring respectively. The son's father, a construction industry lobbyist, had rounded up north of $120K for Walker's political campaign. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's muckraker Daniel Bice broke the whole unseemly mess, a righteous conflagration ensued, and the son was delivered back to his $64.7K position, to which appointment Walker had given the benediction in January. This obviously only stoked the flames some more — Golly, who could have seen that coming — until the son quietly resigned altogether.

Now today Scott Walker says this, yet they knew there were "more qualified" candidates to begin with. It's one thing for Walker to pursue his agenda, which he was awarded a whopping 52% mandate* to pursue; that's fine. But please don't treat us like complete idiots.

And give Mr. Bice his proper due for one hell of a job well done.

* As an administrator of regulatory matters, if you can believe that.

** Compared to Justice Prosser's 50.24% mandate.

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Unknown said...

Just curious if you've seen this on Daily Kos about suspicious voter numbers in Waukesha county going back to at least 2004: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/04/11/965994/-Waukesha-voting-irregularities-go-back-to-2004

Some of what's in the extensive comment thread makes some of the numbers less immediately damning, but on the whole it's still fishy. Wish I had a few days I could plumb into all the data...