April 18, 2011

Justice Prosser hires James Troupis

Which is intriguing because this.*

Troupis, Bopp, a Koch-funded legal outfit ... this baby's got 'em all.

Interestingly, Mike Gableman once grilled a Wisconsin lawyer about George Soros but apparently never saw fit to grill a Minnesota lawyer about David Koch. Ain't no double standards there at all, Nosiree.

* Mr. Troupis is representing every petitioner but the kitchen sink. As is our old pal Prof. Rick. Small world aina? By the way, that may look like a lot of individual respondents but that's the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board: Six judges and its general counsel.

Troupis wrote the famed "carried ... feet first" legal memorandum which even its recipient, Scott Fitzgerald, described as "comical."

This whole shebang is comical alright.


Mike said...

What is that case about?

illusory tenant said...

Challenging the constitutionality of Wisconsin's public financing scheme for Supreme Court elections, of all things.

Anonymous said...

how he could use gableman as a campaign surrogate and contend he's the non-partison candidate is beyond me. i met him once and thought he was a nice guy, but the campaign apparently did something to him and his principles. call it the john mccain effect.

illusory tenant said...

It appears that, generally, Wisconsin Republicans are getting more ridiculously supercilious by the moment.