April 16, 2011

More out-of-State agitators in Madison

Well, that was fun.

A member of the editorial board of a leading East Coast media elite newspaper came to Wisconsin to tell it how to run its elections, and Andrew Breitblart of Los Angeles, California repeatedly yelled at Wisconsinites to "Go to Hell." Also a lady from Alaska in leather boots and a bump-it screeched something about abortion and Obama also.*

And baldly lied about a "rent-a-mob trashing your Capitol."

I hope every television station in the State replays Andrew Breitblart's "Go to Hell" ranting. It tells you about everything you need to know.

Another of the vagabond nincompoops was from such jetlagged parts unknown that he wound up his abusive soliloquy with a rousing, "Thank you! And good night!" I checked my watch: It was 1:26 p.m.

As for local talent, my friend Capper informs me that WPRI "senior fellow" Christian Schneider complained that the hip musings of James T. "Hip Musings" Harris, who is an internet troll in the employ of Journal Communications, Inc., were drowned out by cowbells, which goes to show you that when given a choice between two species of cacophony, Real Wisconsinites™ have the most impeccable taste.

Even our Republican elected officials were too ashamed to present themselves alongside this dais laden with inchoate, raging hominids.

Not even Glenn Grothman! Now that's saying something.

* One may only speculate as to the genesis of this fish-clubbing** madwoman's amygdalar gesticulations, but apparently one Barack H. Obama, then a State legislator in Springfield, IL, was wary of provisions in a bill being DOA under the governor's pen by dint of the United States Supreme Court's holding in Stenberg v. Carhart.

** Reportedly in a scene from Palin's "reality" teevee series, the half-term governor advises her daughter to beat the living bejeezus out of a cod as a means of assuaging her psychological frustrations.

Or else of vicariously assuaging Palin mère's. Who the hell knows.


Democurmudgeon said...

I will, along with video.

Posting it soon.

Kevin said...

Fund's a columnist, not on the board. But why be technical. It's not like you're law license's is suspended or something.


illusory tenant said...

My dear Republican operative Mr. Kevin Binversie, did it ever occur to you that that may have been a choice? Suspended is a very misleading word, incidentally, as I have been compiling all of the required CLE credits (and then some, as should be evident to any regular reader of this blog). Not that you'd know anything about CLE.

By the way:

you're law license's is ...

Oy vey. A judge'll stop reading your motion right there.

illusory tenant said...

"According to a brief biographical profile on the website of the now-defunct National Journalism Center, Fund ... [has been an] editorial writer, Wall Street Journal ... "

You know what an editorial is, right, Kevin?

Pete Gruett said...

Fund's expertise on Dane County electoral politics has proved invaluable. How else would we ever have known that the (70/30) county executive race was "extremely close". I had completely neglected to bite my nails. Let's hope Cindy K was there to suggest he look into Judge Sumi's unopposed squeaker as well.

Also, has anybody ever noticed that a liberal always wins the Madison mayoral race?

illusory tenant said...

I'm surprised they even let Fund across the border, after his employers/enablers insulted the entire State with their famous "Alabama of the North."

illusory tenant said...

Speaking of "extremely close," I noticed the Journal Communications, Inc. organ Journal-Sentinel added another of SE Wisconsin's deep thinkers to its stable of political commentators recently, one who pronounced the Abele-Stone contest for MKE Co. executive too close to call, despite Abele and the rest of the liberals sweeping up about 65% of the votes in the primary (and obviously Abele maintained that margin in the general election). Finger on the pulse, that lot.

Robert said...

What's a "bump-it?"

illusory tenant said...

A hair-volumizing insert.

Other Side said...

Who is the "thinker," Tom? Please, please let it not be Patrick Dorwin.

illusory tenant said...

I can't remember now. One of those characters.