April 11, 2011

UW law prof Althouse "remains birther-curious"

Via Lawyers, Gun$ and Money.

In related news, concerned parties sought a permanent restraining order against celebrated online personality Meade Althouse, enjoining him from trolling internets discussion boards. "He's clearly a hazard to himself and to others," said a source close to the investigation.

By the way, this here is one of the funniest threads of all times.


gnarlytrombone said...

Perhaps we can convince Mr. Foust to pick up the Altmouse mantle.

illusory tenant said...

Indeed, he was born to it.

Display Name said...

I have stated in public several times that I would love to, but I have not heard from the Blogspot owner. It would be a huge distraction and even bigger time-waste than the rest of the Internets themselves. Her lack of intellectual consistency combined with her need for attention makes my brain hurt.

I have also discovered that "althorse.com" is not yet taken. Seeing tweets from @AnnAlthouse always make me think of Tobias from Arrested Development because my brain seems to skip one 'n' and the 't'.

gnarlytrombone said...

You probably already know the owner is Thers over at Whiskey Fire. He wrote a post recently explaining how Althouse has moved beyond parody.

Display Name said...

Yes, as Thers put it, I am not certain I have the "spark of humane affection for the target".