April 21, 2011

Wis. S. Ct. Justice David Prosser is angry

And with good cause, once again:
Supreme Court Justice David Prosser angrily repeated denials Thursday that he had met with Gov. Scott Walker shortly after the court election, denouncing his opponent's campaign for making the claim. Melissa Mulliken, the campaign manager for Assistant Attorney General JoAnne Kloppenburg, made the claim Wednesday in a complaint filed with the state Government Accountability Board. That complaint sought an inquiry into a county clerk, not Prosser.
Emphasis added (Objection: Relevance).

What a stupid, stupid thing to allege without proof in a formal document. I was going to mention it this morning but thought it better to leave it alone and hope it went away. At this point I'm about ready to volunteer for Prosser's recount team (not really but, almost).

I reckoned earlier this recount request was a bad idea and why it was a bad idea but I didn't reckon it was going to get this bad this fast.

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