April 20, 2011

Troupis suggests wing-nut slander suit meritorious

Item: Wis. lawyer holds statutorily authorized recount "frivolous"

Check this out. I haven't heard that much sneering since Rick Esenberg was on Wisconsin Public Radio. Firefighters Local 311 should sue her just for the hell of it. Find a liberal lawyer with an evil sense of humor (which is purt near every one I've ever met) to write an uproarious complaint. I wouldn't worry too much about Scott Walker's new "tort reforms," which instituted money penalties for frivolous actions because if requesting a statutorily authorized election recount is frivolous, then the word has no more meaning.

OTOH the DSM-IV-wn* counsels against fulfilling cries for attention.

See also, Sykes, Charlie: "Litigate everything."

Speaking of Vicki doppelgänger Sykes and firefighters, did you know that there is an amendment to the Ozaukee County building code ordinances which requires two fire extinguishers in Sykes's pants closet — one standard ABC and the other especially for polyester.

* Wing-nut (2011).

eta 01: Wolf on back, snake on chestBlogging Blue.

I always thought U2 was one of those earnest, emo bands (and don't get me started on the bass player). What sort of person would they make "verbally and physically combative." That's like rioting at a John Tesh concert (which I could understand, but for different reasons).

eta 02: "Vicki McKenna is every bit the journalist that ... David Blaska [is]," writes David Blaska. I think we can all agree on that.

I'm still smarting from Breitblart screaming at me to "Go to Hell."


Display Name said...

I've been told it's not a swear if it's a destination. I wonder if that worked when he said that to the nuns.

illusory tenant said...

Breitblart has morals?