April 27, 2011

Husband of Judge Maryann Sumi speaks out

Hear, hear.

This space has been pounding that drum for weeks, brother. And you know who's been enabling those pathetic fallacies more than anyone? Responsible corporate citizen Journal Communications, Inc., is who.

If JRN published a corrective in the meantime, I'd sure like to see it.

I couldn't even locate any "in-house heavy lifting" at the MJS.

eta: However, the MJS is webhosting an open cistern on the matter.

Thumbs up!


Jim Bouman said...

Cistern? I have the remnants of a cistern in the basement of my house in Waukesha, built in 1928. It held about 600 gallons of filtered (leaves and twigs) rainwater from a downspout. Soft water, water w/o radium, water to wash clothes and girls' hair.
I think the Journal Sentinel is proprietor of something else. A sewer? A cesspool? A hog wallow?

illusory tenant said...

Well I was trying to be polite.