April 21, 2011

Speaking of JRN's marquee radio personality

Happy birthday Chuckles

Skimming the iniquitous den that is the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's comments section, one finds innumerable references by the "Family Values" conservative Republican set to JoAnne Kloppenburg's alleged physical resemblance to that of a character in The Wizard of Oz, as if that had anything to do with anything at all, even if it were the case.

You know where those come from, right?

Good guess:
Its that time. Joanne Kloppenburg has formally announced the launch of the flying monkeys.
That was on April 6, and JRN's Charlie Sykes hasn't let up since:
Kloppenburg calls forstate-funded flying monkeys...to be released throughout state... Message to Waukesha... "...and your little dog too!"
That's from yesterday. "Blogfather" Charlie Sykes is 12 years old.

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