April 18, 2011

Let's send Douglas Kmiec back to Malta

Paypal instructions to follow

Item: Reaganoid law professor's Gospel falls flat in Foggy Bottom
Kmiec announced he would resign on Aug. 15, which he pointedly noted is the Feast of the Assumption.
Good Lord above. The Virgin Kmiec ascends to Heaven from Malta.

It's a shame. The tiny island nation was the best place for him.


[Redacted] said...

The line in there about a "God gap in American foreign policy" nearly made me throw up. We have diplomatic relations with the Vatican that allowed His Eminence (har har) Cardinal Bernard Law to flee the jurisdiction of Massachusetts and settle in to a nice comfy sinecure in Rome while avoiding prosecution for his aiding and abetting the molestation of countless children. The fact that we haven't threatened to launch cruise missiles at the Sistine Chapel if he isn't extradited immediately is proof positive that there is already way too much God in our foreign policy.

gnarlytrombone said...

Sauer's series on the godbotherers in Haiti is a great case study in what happens when that gap closes.

Anonymous said...

he can't quit til he finds the falcon.