April 18, 2011

Know why Wisconsin's elections are messed up?

Because no photo ID, sez expert in all things Wisconsin John Fund.

So, yes, the solution to "over 13,000 counties and towns"* each running elections according to their own whims and Nickolai is to actually make it harder to vote, not making it easier to count votes.

It's the American Republican way: discourage the poor, the elderly, and the young (a.k.a. your most likely Democrats) from voting.

(Not surprisingly, voter ID is a Scott Walker plank. Meet the voter ID bill's sponsor Republican Jeff Stone, who allegedly provided hundreds of invalid signatures on his MKE Co. executive nomination papers.)

But then Mr. John Fund of effete East Coast media elite fame admits that even his own solution is pointless and criminality-enabling:
A new study by the office of Colorado's secretary of state, Republican Scott Gessler, has found that 11,805 State residents who were not citizens when they obtained a driver's license were registered to vote.
That's your photo ID right there, which, according to Mr. Fund's proposal, would guarantee the franchise to, e.g., Australians.**

Thanks, John Fund! Now go back to your chocolatté and your arugula.

* Editor's note: Should be "more than." Planes go "over" buildings.

** Voting by non-US citizens is a felony in Wisconsin, incidentally.

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