April 20, 2011

One thing we can all be grateful to Walker for

That he doesn't get to appoint airline pilots and brain surgeons.

I'm surprised I didn't get the job —
I don't even know where Marinette County is.


capper said...

Oh, ja, Marinette County is way up nort der, in da hinterlands, donchano?

On a clear day, you can see Canada, you betcha!

illusory tenant said...

Must be nice up there then. Northern Ontario is gorgeous.

capper said...

The biggest drawback is the dress code. I don't look good in blaze orange and don't wear wading boots.

WIHammurabi said...

I shudder when I think of his coming judicial appointments.

Anonymous said...

when asked to comment, rebecca kleefisch said,"can he appoint this table,or this, you know, clock? can we appoint dogs?"