April 15, 2011

'Why did Scott Fitzgerald lie to me?'

Prolly 'cause he's the "career politician" Sen. RoJo warned us about
"I'm a proud member of Local 20 in Brookfield. I would like to know why you lied to me. You told me that the collective bargaining that you were going to take away was a financial thing, you had to balance the budget with it."
Big Fitz gets his seat warmed up in Dodge County.*

* Prosser 61% — Kloppenburg 39% (04/05/11 official result)

Dodge County is one of those conservative strongholds where Kloppenburg gained substantially between the February primary and the April general election: 11 points. Prosser took 72% there in Feb.

So Scott Fitzgerald's ordeal at DodgeCo. is not at all surprising.

And no wonder that they're reluctant to revote the bill.

Dodge County is also home to Circuit Judge Steven G. Bauer, formerly Dodge County District Attorney Steven G. Bauer, who in the latter capacity penned this classic renunciation of Mike Gableman.


Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is that Fitzgerald has stated that one of the reasons for ending collective bargaining is to deprive the Democrats one of their major sources of campaign donations. In other words, Fitzgerald is using his office for campaigning, it's just that he's trying to negatively influence the opposing political party rather than the more traditional route of promoting his own party.

Isn't that a violation of ethics?

illusory tenant said...

Could be a violation of somebody else's ethical standards, just not his own. But I think he's got bigger problems violating the open meetings law.