April 3, 2011

Wisconsin: Best story of the weekend

"Carried ... feet first." — famed legal memorandum
No cop in the State would arrest Senate Dems
— Dee Hall, WI State Journal (Sec. of State's paper of record)
Goldmine of quotes there. Although this one's tough to beat:
"We are supremely confident that we followed the law perfectly," said Andrew Welhouse, spox for Scott Fitzgerald.
As this blog has repeatedly said from day one this entire escapade was frivolous nonsense, and that no in-house attorney would abide Scott Fitzgerald's unconstitutional incarceration fantasies, which is why he was forced to go the outside Republicans-for-hire route.
The ordeal began Feb. 17 ...
The hilarity ensued March 2, in Oconto County.*

* Now that lawyer is screaming bloody separation-of-powers murder.

When convenient.

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