April 30, 2011

Trump / RoJo 2012

For this you traded Russ Feingold
"Obviously, someone has given serious consideration to (me being a potential running mate), but I'm focusing on my role in the Senate," said Ron 'Sunspots' Johnson of Oshkosh, WI.
Because they're serious people with serious ideas. Meanwhile today's Republican Party is busy vilifying its most viable 2012 presidential candidate for trying to assist the young, the ill, and the elderly while today's GOP's most viable 2012 candidate is doing his best to deny it.

h/t @tiffanybrault.


gnarlytrombone said...

The DC press corps would unceremoniously spit him out like gristle.

Mike said...

RoJo would fit the Quayle mold.

DairyStateMom said...

I think that's an insult to Quayle.

Free Lunch said...

Marilyn Quayle would properly feel insulted, but then she's the one who picked Dan as her trophy husband.