April 13, 2011

Charlie Sykes's Rules for Wisconsin Radicals

Such a sad little man, as Ricky Gervais would say.

The medium wave howler's howling irony is pervasive:
Litigate everything.
Like, file a frivolous lawsuit in Oconto County.
Bully, intimidate, and threaten ...
Like, issue an arrest warrant for a six-months-pregnant woman (pursuant to the failed obiter dictum of the Oconto County court).
[Use] the open meetings law to tie up the union bill.
To hell with the Wisconsin constitution, eh Charlie?
Break laws, ignore rules ...
Sykes's BFF Scott Walker broke the law when he shut the people out of the Capitol. Walker's BFF Scott Fitzgerald ignored the rules* when he gave one hour and fifty-seven minutes notice for a legislative meeting. Sykes gives no examples, but he couldn't top those anyway.
Remember: there is no voter fraud, except when the charge works for our benefit.
Remember: This is Sykes talking about liberals and Democrats.
Citing no credible evidence, Charlie Sykes, in the aftermath of last Tuesday’s squeaker of a Supreme Court election, alluded to the likelihood of "voter fraud" in Milwaukee. It was the explanation that the conservative WTMJ AM 620 talker proffered for why challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg appeared to have just narrowly edged out incumbent Justice David Prosser in the balloting.
Erik Gunn's Inside Track. Do read Gunn's entire piece because you probably haven't heard the last of what went on in Waukesha County.
Accuse conservatives of hypocrisy a lot.
'Fraid that can't be helped Charlie. Y'all beg for it.
Never, ever stop.
Well he got that one right at least.

* "Rules" is being overly generous. It's the law.


Display Name said...

Whitewater-area Fitz maquette Rep. Steve Nass engaged in his own pursuit and intimidation of an AAG using their own personal email.

illusory tenant said...

... gather or disseminate the information on how to break the law that he provided to the Democrats.

More proof wing-nut media will rot your brain.

gnarlytrombone said...

Now this is pure Alinsky. Next up: a fart-in at Newsradio 620.

gnarlytrombone said...


Anonymous said...

sykes' new pen name- Small Buttinsky.