April 14, 2011

David Haynes is pissed

And who could blame him one damn bit. But that's the MJS comments section for you: Mean as Hell and worse, not funny. (Although, "good ridance!" is funny, but still more sad because it's not meant to be.)

eta: Mr. Haynes's own comment generated 20 "thumbs down" from MJS readers, in a sense demonstrating the futility of his exercise.


paulb said...

I rarely leave the comments section of a MJS article without feeling depressed. It's not the nastiness of the posts so much as the lack of effort. I enjoy reading a good mean spirited rhetorical ass whooping. Most of the MJS comments are just name calling.

illusory tenant said...

Every once in awhile there's a valuable insight, or an insider's perspective on some news story, but the signal-to-noise ratio makes it not worth the effort to look for them.