August 13, 2010

His Honor, [former] Judge Louie Gohmert

"But you have no actual evidence."

By now everyone has seen Anderson Cooper's "interview" on CNN with Rep. Louie Gohmert, an actual elected Texas Republican (State "lawmaker" Debbie Riddle, who appeared previously on the topic, is at least equal to Louie Gohmert by measure of raw moronitude).

Yet even more outrageous than Gohmert's "terror babies" is his claim of being a former judge. Gohmert goes on to complain that he isn't in court. He's just on teevee. But Anderson Cooper isn't asking Gohmert to prove anything, much less beyond a reasonable doubt or according to any other burden of production. He's simply asking Gohmert to proffer one piece of evidence to support his ridiculous assertion.

If anybody might be familiar with the distinction between proof and evidence, it should be a former judge. But Gohmert has nothing. For chroniclers of small mercies, it's notable that he's a "former" judge.

And now on the verge of a nervous breakdown, on live cable teevee.

These are the people — Republicans like Riddle and Gohmert* — to whom many Americans reportedly wish to hand control of the United States House of Representatives: Irrational, gibbering simians.

* Gohmert is on the House Judiciary Committee, if you can believe it.

Frightening, literally.

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