August 10, 2010

Either way, McIlheran is "equally troubling"

[The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's Patrick] McIlheran made sure to refer people to this study, but apparently never bothered to check its date. Nor did he bother to check the J-S clips on this subject. (They’re computerized, Patrick; it wouldn’t have taken more than a couple minutes to do the check.) Is this just sheer laziness or did McIlheran want to spread misinformation? Either explanation is equally troubling.
If we hadn't seen Patrick McIlheran's standard operating procedure implemented so many times, we might even be surprised. McIlheran has been degrading the paper's reputation and credibility for years.

Although, the word I would choose instead of "troubling" is "risible."

"Troubling" is of course from Murphy's perspective the appropriate description in an ethics-of-journalism sense, but Patrick McIlheran has by his antics long since renounced any obligation to those.


Anonymous said...

Working the Democratic booth at the state fair this weekend, I could tell from some of the ranters that the Ayatollah Sykes has done an excellent job preaching this gospel of lies. Thanks for posting this.

illusory tenant said...

The Brawler sniffed this one out awhile ago.

Heraldblog said...

McIlheran is why I canceled my subscription. Too bad the JS is so oblivious to what its readers are saying.